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To allow delivery prior to the commencement of the Winter 2021 Season, please place your uniform orders by Wednesday 15 December 2020 – refer below for more information.

After almost 20 years, we have changed to a new uniform supplier, SlamStyle, who are a well-known and highly regarded supplier to a wide range of sports and clubs, ranging from the Australian Olympic Team to domestic basketball clubs including Hawthorn Titans and Canterbury Cougars.

In changing to SlamStyle, we updated the fabric and refreshed the design of the Malvern Tigers uniform, which is now made of a significantly lighter and more breathable fabric than before. The new design, while consistent with the current colour scheme, updates the style, font and even our tiger claws!

New Uniform New Uniform (Reverse) New Warm-up Tops New Bag

Most importantly, Waverley Basketball Association has agreed that our teams can play wearing both the current and new uniforms, so players do not need to transition to the new uniform until such time that they grow out of the old one.

You can order our new uniform direct from SlamStyle, as well as named warm-up tops and a range of new accessories including hoodies (black!), bags, long-sleeve t-shirts and beanies.



We are no longer taking requests for singlet number requests. Please ensure that you list the correct uniform number when you register on PlayHQ. If you change uniforms subsequent to registration, please notify the Membership Manager ASAP.

Clashes caused by players not notifying the club of correct uniform numbers will have to be resolved by players themselves.

Having SlamStyle as our supplier significantly changes how our Club sources and provides uniforms to members. Going forward, SlamStyle will manage most aspects of supplying Malvern Tigers uniform and accessories.

For further queries about uniforms and accessories, please contact SlamStyle direct.