New uniforms and merchandise available online now!

The Club is excited to announce that you can now order the new uniform direct from SlamStyle, as well as named warm-up tees and a range of new accessories including hoodies (black!), bags, long-sleeve t-shirts and beanies.


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New uniforms can be worn concurrently with the original uniforms, so there is no obligation to change.  If you were unable to attend a sizing session last week, a sizing chart is attached for your convenience.

The Club is unable to guarantee singlet number requests. You are able to nominate your desired number, however our first priority is avoiding number clashes in Winter 2018 teams and our second priority is honouring current singlet numbers.  Once these are considered then we will look to requests.

If you did not specify a singlet number upon registration in SportsTG, or intend changing singlet numbers for Winter 2018, please send details to Administration Officer to help avoid clashes.  Clashes caused by players not notifying the Club of correct uniform numbers will have to be resolved by players themselves.

*PLEASE NOTE: Orders that include the uniform bundle (singlet and shorts) placed by 5pm Sunday 18th March will be hand-delivered to your home address (or other specified addressed) before the commencement of Term 2 for no delivery fee.  Orders placed without the uniform bundle or after this time will be delivered by Australia Post.